The product is the result of 10 years of research and development into the strengths and weaknesses of the original VEDA-SCOPE. The VEDA-SCOPE Mk II has a single use disposable VEDA Speculum that works by gently inflating the vagina with filtered air. As a result, it does away with the uncomfortable duck bill which also obstructs the view of the inside of the vaginal barrel. The device has two main functions: a) it will take a normal Pap smear with a cervical brush or a Cytology brush; and b) it becomes an internal colposcope so that the operator can pivot the VEDA Speculum to view any part of the vagina barrel and cervix plus take images for future reference and clinical analysis; and c) it can also facilitate an internal light source that can illuminate the vaginal wall and cervix with multi-coloured light filters, which can detect pre-cancerous cells ‘on-the-spot’.

Step 1: Undilated
This shows where the vagina in the undilated state. You hold the front of the speculum gently against the entrance with air on which will cause the dilation.